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Thanksgiving Images on Gift Products

Thanksgiving, images, photos, and drawings can be color printed or engraved on several of our personalized gifts. See Image Library for details. Great for gift ideas, holiday festivities, and fundraising ideas.

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The first Thanksgiving was established on December 4, 1619. In the advent of 38 English settlers arriving on the north bank of the James River in the Colony of Virginia, the group's charter required that the day of arrival be observed yearly as a "day of thanksgiving" to God. Captain John Woodlief held the service of thanksgiving on that very day.

The Thanksgiving holiday traces its origins from a 1621 celebration at the Plymouth Plantation, where the Plymouth settlers held a harvest feast after a successful growing season.


The Wampanoag Native American tribe, taught the Pilgrims settlers how to catch eel and grow corn. They also provided food to the struggling colony during its first winter when supplies from England were insufficient. Thanksgiving day was set apart a day to celebrate at the Plymouth colony immediately after their first harvest. 


Puritan Christians from the Massachusetts Bay Colony celebrated Thanksgiving in 1630 and continued the tradition thereafter. Connecticut followed as early as 1639 and annually after 1647. The Dutch in New Netherland celebrated Thanksgiving in 1644 and occasionally thereafter. 

Charlestown, Massachusetts, held the first recorded Thanksgiving observance on June 29, 1671. 



High Resolution THANKSGIVING photos are available for download.  Click on thumbnail.

 We currently have these images of Thanksgiving which can be engraved and printed on personalized gifts, with more to come;


  • Thanksgiving Tour 
  • Aching Neck Turkey
  • Thanksgiving Cards 
  • Chopping Block Turkey 
  • Thanksgiving Maize 
  • Thanksgiving Ride and Dinner
  • Its a Mans Thanksgiving
  • Thanksgiving Harvest 


       Thanksgiving turkey takes a tour.            Turkey has an aching neck.

     Thanksgiving Cheer.                   Happy Thanksgiving

   A Man's Man Thanksgiving.                             Turkey on the chopping block.

   Peaceful Thanksgiving Holiday.            A Thanksgiving Greeting.

   Thanksgiving Turkey Greeting.                      Thanksgiving Maize (Indian Corn).

   Thanksgiving Ride and Dinner.            Thanksgiving Holiday Wishes.

   Day of Thanks.                                    Tom Turkey.

   Totally Turkey.                                                 Turkey, Cornstalks, and Pumpkin.

   First Thanksgiving.


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Thanksgiving Day Images

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