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Flamingo images and drawings can be color printed or engraved on several of our personalized gifts. Flamingos can be engraved on coasters, crescents, wall hangings, designer frames, tiles and more. Great for gift ideas and fundraising ideas. Printed gift items include apparel, accessories, cards and postage, home products, office products, and unique gifts.

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Flamingo image, they can often be seen standing on one leg with the other leg pulled up close to its body. We do not know why they behave this way. It has been suggested that the flamingo, like some other animals, has the ability to put half its body to sleep and then when one side is rested, the flamingo will swap legs and then let the other half go to sleep.

Recent research has indicated that standing on one leg may allow the birds to conserve more body heat considering that they spend a significant amount of time wading in cold water.

When young flamingos hatch, their plumage is grey. Adult colors range from light pink to bright red due to aqueous bacteria and beta carotene obtained from their food supply. A healthy flamingo is more vibrantly colored and thus a more desirable mate. A white or pale flamingo is usually unhealthy or malnourished. Captive flamingos have their diets supplemented with prawns which will keep their carotene at levels comparable to the wild and enhance their vibrant color.

Flamingos are very social birds that live in colonies that can number in the thousands. These large colonies are believed to enhance predator avoidance, maximize food intake and maintain scarce suitable nesting sites.

The social unit of flamingos are pair bonds which are made up of one male and one female. The bond remains strong throughout their lifetime, however in larger colonies, where there are more mates to choose from, mate changes will occur.

Both the males and the females contribute to the nest building and defending it. Before breeding, flamingo colonies split into breeding groups of around 15-50 birds. Both males and females in these groups perform synchronized ritual displays. These displays serve to both stimulate synchronous nesting and establish pair formation for birds that do not already have mates. A flamingo group stands together and display to each other by raising their neck, followed by calling with head-flagging and then wing flapping. The displays do not seem to be directed towards an individual but instead occur randomly.

Flamingos locate a suitable spot on the mudflat to build a nest, which is usually chosen by the female. It is during nest building that copulation usually occurs. Nest building can also be interrupted by another couple trying to steal the nesting site. Flamingos will viciously defend their nesting sites and young. After the chicks hatch, the only parental choir is to feed the young. Flamingos produce a crop milk, like pigeons and doves, due to the action of a hormone called prolactin. It contains more fat and less protein than the latter does and it is produced in glands lining the whole of the upper digestive tract, not just the crop. Both parents nurse their young on this milk which also contains red and white blood cells. During the first six days, the adults and chicks stay at the nesting sites. At around seven to twelve days, the chicks begin to move and explore their surroundings. After two weeks, the chicks join groups called "microcrèches" and their parent soon leave them in these groups. Later, many microcrèches come together to form crèches which contain thousands of chicks. Chicks that do not stay in their crèches are vulnerable to predators.

The first flamingo hatched in a European zoo was a Chilean Flamingo at Zoo Basel in Switzerland in 1958. Since then, over 389 flamingos grew up in Basel and were distributed to other zoos around the globe.  

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  Pink Flamingo image.   Pink Flamingo Colony.

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