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Easter Images on Gift Products 

Easter images can be color printed or laser engraved on several of our personalized gift products.  See Image Library for details.  Great for gift ideas, religious memories, Easter holidays and fundraising ideas.

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The Easter term is developed from the Old English word Ēastre which was developed before 899 AD. The name refers to Eostur-monath, a month of the Germanic calendar attested by Bede, who writes that the month is named after the goddess Ēostre of Anglo-Saxon paganism. Bede notes that Ēostur-monath was the equivalent to the month of April, yet that feasts held in her honor during Ēostur-monath had gone out of use by the time of his writing and had been replaced with the Christian custom of the "Paschal season".

Using comparative linguistic evidence from continental Germanic sources, the 19th century scholar Jacob Grimm proposed the existence of a cognate form of Ēostre among the pre-Christian beliefs of the continental Germanic peoples, whose name he reconstructed as Ostara.

Since Grimm's time, linguists have identified the goddess as a Germanic form of the reconstructed Proto-Indo-European goddess of the dawn, Hausos and theories connecting Ēostre with records of Germanic Easter customs include rabbits and decorating eggs.

  Easter Cross and Lilly.  Easter Cross and Cloth.

  Easter Cross with Sky.  Calvary Crosses at sunset.

  Easter Cross.  Easter Resurrection.

  Easter Cross and Dove.  Easter Cross of flowers.

  Easter Lilles.  Palm Sunday Cross.

  Palm Sunday.

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Easter Images

Engraved on our speciality products or printed in color on our Zazzle products, these images or your own can be cherished for years to come. Click on the CAROUSEL to order printed gift products. To learn how to order LASER ENGRAVED products, please visit our Contact Us page, you will be glad you did.