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Spring Flowering Azaleas on Gift Products

Azalea images, photos, and drawings can be color printed or laser engraved on several of our personalized gifts.  See Image Library for details.  Great for gift ideas, garden memories, weddings and fundraising ideas.

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Azaleas are flowering shrubs comprising two of the eight subgenera of the genus Rhododendron, Pentanthera (deciduous) and Tsutsuji (evergreen). Azaleas bloom in spring, their flowers often lasting several weeks. They are shade tolerant and prefer living near or under trees.

Many cities in the United States have festivals in the spring celebrating the blooms of the azalea, including Norfolk, Virginia; Wilmington, North Carolina; Valdosta, Georgia; Palatka, Florida;.
The Azalea Trail is a designated path, planted with azaleas in private gardens, through Mobile, Alabama. The Azalea Trail Run is an annual road running event held there in late March. Mobile, Alabama is also home to the Azalea Trail Maids, fifty women chosen to serve as ambassadors of the city while wearing antebellum dresses, who originally participated in a three-day festival, but now operate throughout the year.

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  White Azalea flower patch.   Red Azalea Flower Patch

Red Azalea Flower Head   White Azalea Flower Cluster.

White Azalea flower single.Pink Spring Flowering Azalea.




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Azalea Images

Engraved on our speciality products or printed in color on our Zazzle products, these images or your own can be cherished for years to come. Click on the CAROUSEL to order printed gift products. To learn how to order LASER ENGRAVED products, please visit our  Contact Us page, you will be glad you did.